FMSFC Kingfish Tournament

We are proud to announce the upcoming Kingfish tournament.  It had been undecided whether the Club was going to host their annual Kingfish tournament this year due to the SKA sanctioned tournament in August (1st Annual Coastal Empire Kingfish Classic).  Yeah for Anglers…it has been scheduled for June 15 & 16, 2012!!!  Keep in mind…it’s the weekend before SKA Division #4 first tournament at Two-Way; a great way to get “tuned-up for Two-Way”!!!  You may click on the flyer below to view and print in another window!  Questions: Call Rocky at (912) 313-0761.  See you there!!!

April Club News

Club Members met on Thursday, April 12th at the new Clubhouse site across the street from the Fort McAllister Marina.  The new concrete floor was completed last week and has been a great addition to the clubhouse!  Pete Buhle gave an update on the upcoming Poker Run Tournament and asked for the club members vote on the amount FMSFC would donate to the Tournament.  Rocky Mallard gave an update on the latest tournament and weigh-in as well as the current standings for the 2012 winners! Holly Kesler gave an update on the SKA Tournament, 1st Annual Coastal Empire Kingfish Classic Tournament, to be held on August 17th – 18th.  Rhonda Gordon gave an update on the Wounded Warriors Tournament scheduled for September 15th with an appreciation day scheduled for September 8th!

Hinely Seminar on Sheephead Fishing

Dean Hinely, a FMSFC member and a highly skilled angler, hosted a “Sheephead Fishing Seminar” at the February club meeting!  Hinely explained some of the difficult tactics involved in sheephead fishing.  He also did a demonstration on hooking a sheephead, using his rod-n-reel.

This was a great seminar and perfect timing! The FMSFC Sheephead Tournament is scheduled for Saturday, March 10th.